Community and Stakeholders

Ongoing commitment to partnering with our communities and stakeholders for sustainability.

We recognise that maintaining strong relationships with our key stakeholders will help to ensure that business activities generate mutual benefit and continue to have a positive impact on the countries and local communities in which we operate.


In 2017, Syrah established a Local Development Agreement (“LDA”) with the Mozambique Government which defines how we will contribute to the sustainable development of the local community for the duration of the Mining Agreement across the following key areas:

  • Education, training and local employment;

  • Health promotion and awareness raising;

  • Youth and leadership development;

  • Agricultural / livelihood development;

  • Food / nutrition and water security;

  • Maintenance of cultural heritage; and

  • Development of vulnerable people.

The signing of the LDA enabled the formation of a Local Development Committee (“LDC”) to represent the best interests of our eight Host Communities and to oversee the implementation of all Company-sponsored community development projects in line with the commitments under the LDA.

In partnership with our Host Communities, Syrah launched a Livelihood Development Program (“LDP”) to provide specialist agricultural training and other support to local farmers affected by the Company’s activities.

Over time, the LDP has evolved into a multi-faceted and wide-reaching community development initiative which has led Syrah to review and reclassify projects that are not directly related to the LDP under a complementary program called Sustainable Income Generation Activities (“SIGA”).

Syrah’s intent with SIGA is to consolidate and deliver small-scale community development projects in parallel to the execution of large-scale community projects ensuring continuity of local development initiatives and community engagement.

The SIGA program aims to provide the community with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop sustainable projects in agriculture, livestock, beekeeping, poultry farming and horticulture, as well improving crop yields and food security, with the goal of generating independent livelihoods separate from the mine.


Syrah has developed strong and mutually beneficial relationships with the local community and key stakeholders at Vidalia. Through regular engagement with all levels of Government, community groups, academic institutions and local businesses, we have identified and delivered a number of community initiatives that will create positive outcomes for Concordia Parish and the state of Louisiana.

Positive feedback on Syrah’s commitment to the local community can be viewed here.

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