Sales, Marketing and Logistics

Exceeding customer requirements for quality, consistency and ESG credentials.

Syrah has a proven track record of product delivery to global destinations across China, North America, Europe, Middle East, India and East Asia and to a broad range of customers in steel, battery manufacturing and auto OEM sectors.

Our Sales and Marketing Capability

Syrah Global DMCC, our UAE-based sales & marketing entity, is responsible for:

  • Customer relationship management and sales contracting.

  • Sales and operational planning (S&OP) linking production to market delivery.

  • Land and ocean transport and logistics management.

  • Short-term market analysis and reporting.

  • Technical marketing and value-in-use (VIU).

The Syrah Global DMCC team has extensive natural graphite (coarse and fines) and active anode material market development, commercial, and technical marketing experience. This team also manages a sales liaison in China. Syrah’s sales and marketing capability in industrial and battery anode markets has developed in line with customer qualification and product development requirements. We are focussed on developing mutually beneficial long-term commercial relationships.

Our Logistics Capability

Balama natural graphite products are exported through Nacala and Pemba ports in Mozambique.

At Nacala, Syrah has exclusive access to a state-of-the-art Cross Dock Facility, enabling short lead times from warehouse to ship, and good access to major container shipping lines, which provide ex-Nacala services to global destinations in Asia, India, Europe, and the USA.

Syrah has also developed a major logistics and export option in breakbulk shipments through Pemba port. Breakbulk shipments from Pemba create an additional export route for Balama products, provide flexibility in managing inventory positions and allow for additional product sales than otherwise could be achieved solely through Nacala port. This export route also allows for greater vessel charter options through a network of reliable owners with suitable vessels to cater for our customer requirements.

We maintain close relationships with our logistics partners to ensure a sustainable supply chain for our customers and to collaborate to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with product delivery.  

Supply Chain Diversification

North American and European battery manufacturers and auto OEMs are increasingly seeking geographical diversification of raw material supply to improve resilience of the supply chain. China currently produces the vast majority of active anode material products globally, followed by Japan and South Korea.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Balama Natural Graphite

  • Large-scale, high volume and year-round production.

  • Consistent product specification and graphitic carbon content.

  • Particle size distribution optimal for active anode material yield.

  • Excellent cost curve position at increasing volume.

Vidalia Active Anode Material

  • Standard natural graphite active anode material product parameters and high performance.

  • Mass-market, “drop-in” substitute for existing active anode material supply.

  • Long-term vertical integration with Balama for product consistency.

  • Supply security and diversification through localised USA supply.

Our Market Position

Balama and Vidalia product quality

  • Balama natural graphite is extensively consumed in battery anode and industrial supply chains globally.

  • Balama and Vidalia utilise industry standard production processes, optimised for ESG performance.

  • Production processes ensure product consistency – products are qualified by industry leading customers.

Environmentally differentiated production processes

  • Global Warming Potential of 7.3kg C02 equivalent per kg Vidalia active anode material, which is ~30% and ~50% of the Global Warming Potential of synthetic and natural graphite active anode material, respectively, from benchmarked Chinese supply routes.

  • Global Warming Potential of 0.42kg C02 equivalent per kg Balama natural graphite, which is ~40% of the Global Warming Potential of natural graphite from a benchmarked Chinese supply route.

Vidalia integrated with Balama’s globally significant asset providing high volume, consistent production

  • Produce, supply and ship products through all seasons of the year.

  • Production scale and life to provide long term, high volume integrated supply.

Strong corporate values embedded with ESG focus

  • Transparent and accountable with periodic public sustainability and financial reporting.

  • Recipient of numerous industry awards, recognising best practice achievements.

  • ESG performance auditable and verifiable across the full supply chain from mine to active anode material delivery.

  • Transparent approach to greenhouse gas emissions reporting and quality-system audits.

  • Long-term partnership approach to market with in-house and external technical capability.

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Principal Address
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