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Differentiated natural graphite and active anode material products

Natural Graphite

Syrah produces 23 natural graphite products across eight different mesh sizes at Balama.

Balama's natural graphite product mesh sizes range from +50 mesh (coarse or large flakes) to -100 mesh (fines flakes). Balama also supplies flake with properties outside of typical market specifications to special purpose customers. Balama natural graphite products have a fixed carbon content of between 94% and 98%.

Natural Graphite Product Specifications

Graphite Video

Active Anode Material

Syrah is developing active anode material products from Vidalia for mass market and commercial sales.

Syrah's high purity active anode material products are being developed alongside customers, industry participants, laboratories and universities and are designed to drop into existing battery manufacturing facilities and processes. Our anode products are under qualification and in iterative testing programs with leading battery manufacturers and auto OEMs. The company has executed commercial supply agreements for active anode material from Vidalia with tier 1 integrated battery manufacturers and auto OEMs.

SEM Images for Coated and Carbonised Purified Spherical Graphite.

Customer Qualification Process for Active Anode Material

A full qualification process for active materials in batteries takes as long as two years from start of engagement to a binding offtake arrangement. Syrah's multi-year commercial sales agreements with tier 1 customers are a first in the battery anode industry.

Technology and Product Development

Our technology roadmap and intellectual property development targets more efficient production processes and differentiated products to ensure Syrah retains its competitive advantage in the battery anode market. This strategy is supported by customer interactions and partnerships with technology companies as well as our vertically integrated position, enabling the optimisation of active anode material using the superior properties of Balama natural graphite.

Our product roadmap encompasses the development of principally natural graphite-based products with optimised electro-chemical performance, reduced swelling and lower unit costs and environmental impacts of production.

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