Vidalia Active Anode Material Facility

Louisiana, United States



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Syrah aims to be the first major integrated ex-China producer of natural graphite active anode material for electric vehicle batteries. Syrah's initial downstream position is a large-scale, vertically integrated AAM production facility in Vidalia, Louisiana that will supply the US battery supply chain.

Vidalia Active Anode Material Facility
Port of New Orleans

At Vidalia, Syrah is operating a large-scale facility with an initial production capacity of 11.25ktpa AAM. The 11.25ktpa AAM facility at Vidalia commenced production in Q1 2024. The majority of production will be purchased under offtake by a tier 1 integrated battery manufacturer and auto OEM.

A definitive feasibility study on a subsequent further expansion of Vidalia’s production capacity to 45ktpa AAM (“Vidalia Further Expansion”) on its 38-acre site confirmed that the expansion project is technically viable, financially robust and is expected to deliver significant value. Syrah is progressing development activities and offtake agreements to prepare the Vidalia Further Expansion project for FID readiness. Financing considerations will determine FID timing.

Key Features

  • Location: Vidalia, Concordia Parish, Louisiana, United States

  • Land size: 38 acres

  • Value add processing: Milling, purification and surface treatment

  • Production capacity: 11.25ktpa AAM

  • Operating costs: $3,640 per tonne AAM

  • Capital costs: $209 million

  • Product: 18-micron coated purified spherical graphite

  • Global Warming Potential (Scope 1, 2 & 3): 7.3 kg CO2 equivalent per kg AAM (Balama origin to representative Vidalia AAM customer locations)

Vidalia Proposition


Apr 2016: Pilot test work program initiated in China (milling and purification)

Nov 2016: Announced strategy to establish commercial scale facility in Louisiana

Aug 2018: Completed purchase of Vidalia site

Jul 2020: First production of purified spherical graphite to battery specification

Dec 2020: BFS confirms robust economics for large scale active anode material production

Dec 2021: Tesla offtake agreement executed

Feb 2022: Final investment decision for initial expansion of Vidalia

Jul 2022: Binding commitment from US Department of Energy for loan of US$102 million

Oct 2023: Start of unpurified spherical graphite production from 11.25ktpa AAM facility

Feb 2024: Start of AAM production from 11.25ktpa AAM facility

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