Syrah is aiming to be the first major integrated ex-China producer of natural graphite Active Anode Material (AAM) that is battery ready for electric vehicles. 




Syrah's project site in Vidalia has all the key requirements for large scale AAM production:

  • Access to key utilities (Water/Gas/Power)
  • Water and air discharge compliance obtained
  • Options to expand facility size
  • Direct barge/port access to Mississippi river
  • Supportive government relations
  • Access to key consumables (HF, HCL, Caustic)
  • Capable workforce




Syrah plans to be vertically integrated and undertakes following value added steps from mine in Balama to produce AAM:

  1. Natural graphite concentrate (-100 mesh fines material) is transported from Balama Graphite Operation to Vidalia.
  2. Natural graphite is then shaped into a spherical shape and purified to produce an anode precursor material.
  3. Precursor material is then coated and heat treated to produce a finished AAM.




Development at Vidalia to date has been focused on establishing production lines that are of sufficient scale to demonstrate Syrah’s capability to supply ex-Asia markets with AAM that:

  • Has equivalent or superior physical and electrochemical properties to currently available material
  • Is cost competitive with incumbent supply (currently 100% based in Asia)
  • Provides an environmentally superior alternative to existing AAM supply
  • Is capable of supplying growing US and European markets