Health & Safety

Syrah Resources expects all employees and contractors to work safely at all times and recognises strong visible leadership at all levels of the business is critical to ensuring optimal health and safety performance.

Our approach is simple, we create a shared health and safety mindset by engaging with and training our people. We focus on the basics of planning, risk identification, risk mitigation and shared learnings. This method helps to instill the understanding that working safely is achievable and, collectively, we are all responsible for our own and each other’s health and safety.

As we grow, significant resources are being invested in the establishment of an integrated Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality Management System that will equip our people with fit-for-purpose tools and frameworks to safely meet the demands of their roles. Our Critical Hazard Management Standards clearly articulate the minimum performance requirements associated with all high risk activities and these are applicable to all employees and contractors.

The Company has implemented its Health Strategy in an effort to create and maintain a healthy and engaged workforce. This strategy focuses on health promotion and includes initiatives such as blanket employee vaccinations and the provision of health insurance for eligible employees.

In times when our people are unwell, primary, occupational and emergency care services are readily available at our site Medical Clinic, operated by International SOS. This facility is testament to our uncompromising commitment to health and safety.

Syrah Resources has a strong and transparent health and safety culture founded on solid metrics which are reported regularly to the Company’s Sustainability Committee.

Read our Health & Safety Policy here.