Development Activities

Development Photos March 2017

Balama Plant Site Overview


Main site accommodation building

Primary Mill and Flotation

Reagent store, thickner and process pond



Development Photos February 2017

Conveyor & ore bin

p>Filtration and drying

Filtration and drying

Primary Milling

Thickner and flotation looking south

Topsoil stripping of balama west pit area


Development Photos January 2017

Flake concentration storage bin

Flake concentration storage bin



Plant site looking south


Balama west topsoil stripping

Flotation cells

Recycle crusher

Power station

Power station

Raw water pond

Raw water pond

TSF lining

TSF lining

Product store floor slabs

Flotation line

Ore bin & conveyer


Development Photos December 2016

Conveyer to ore bin

Flotation line

Primary mill looking East


TSF after rain

TSF Lining (2)

TSF Lining (3)

TSF Lining


Development Photos November 2016

Crushed Ore Storage

Primary Milling

Conveyer from primary mill to recycle crusher

Floation cells

Laboratory and warehouse

RAW water and process water ponds


Float cell columns

Plant site looking south

Reagent store and thickner

TSF cell 1 installation of liner

TSF looking south

Plant Site


Development Photos October 2016

Emergency Reclaim Bin Installation

Product Classification and Bagging

Power Station Materials and Equipment

Primary Milling

Plant site overview



Development Photos 9-26 September 2016

 Starting ore bin erection

TSF 1 grading

TSF looking south

Balama East quarry site blast hole drilling

Kentz accommodation

Looking south to ROM pad

TSF loading soil

TSF compaction

Balama East quarry blastings 

Balama east quarry site blast hole drilling

Plant bagging

Plant workshop 

Reagents store


Development Photos 2-9 September 2016

 Accommodation Village looking south

Administration offices

Flotation line footings

Milling and flotation substation and switchroom

Site Overview

Structual steelwork for Tailend mill feed

TSF cell

Accommodation Village looking souths 

Accommodation Village roofing

Mess and kitchen block

Milling and Flotation substation and switchroom 

Plant site looking south


Development Photos August 2016

Administration offices

Cast in Bolt

Lay down area 3 structural steel

Mining Fleet

Ore bin and crusher

TSF cell looking south

Girth Gears Packaging

Mill feed sprouts 

Primary milling

Screw Classifier spiral

Secondary mill shell 

Tails dam key


Development Photos August 2016

Crusher and crusher substation

Flotation line

Laydown area No. 2

Laydown area No. 3

Site Filtration

TSF Cell-1 looking north


Development Photos July 2016

200 bed camp

Concrete floor trial patches

Kwikspace camp

Ore Bin Chutes

Plant administration block

Plant site overview

Roofing, seniors, mess and juniors

Bus loop and administration offices

Flotation & bagging


Mill foundation

Accommodation village looking north

Plant site general view

Mining fleet dump trucks

Ore bin & crusher

Plant internal roads

Plant site & laydown area

Bagging Building

Turkey nest note graphite

Fines dryer Flake dryer Filtration


Kentz camp pouring slab

Milling and Flotation substation switch room to south

Ore bin and primary crusher

Transfer station


Development Photos June 2016

Admin floor slabs, radio repeater and bus loop

Crushing area

General view of dry plant and milling (LHS)

Ore storage area with bin base being cast

Ore storage with emergency feed apron in foreground

Plant Site

Process water, filter building and flake dryer excavation (RHS)s

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