2019 Annual Report

Key Highlights from 2019

  • Strong health and safety record with Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) of 0.6 as at end of 2019
  • Demonstrated capability to produce high grade, low impurity products from Balama Graphite Operation ("Balama") in Mozambique, with production of 153kt in 2019
  • Position in the global natural graphite market further established, with 123% increas in sales in 2019 versus prior year (163kt in 2019 versus 73kt in 2018)
  • Progression of strategy to become the first ex-China vertically intergrated producer of active anode material, with installation of batch scale spherical graphite purification plant completed at the Battery Anode Material ("BAM") project in the USA and first production of purified spherical graphite, with purity of >99.5% carbon achieved